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MPEG-4 影像壓縮

MPEG-4 standard breaks down complex multimedia data into individual video and audio objects. Each object comes from synthetic or natural environment. An effective encoding method is used for every different object type.

Ateme provides MPEG-4 encoder and decoder for Texas Instruments C64x and DM64x families and for PC platform.
Our encoder and decoder are fully ISO
14496-2 compliants.
Pre- and post-processing tools are also available to build your video application.
Ateme’s MPEG-4 encoder is declined in 3 configurations: from the "MPEG-4 Simple" to the “MPEG-4 Advanced” encoder configuration, Ateme algorithms offer you the opportunity to address the right multi-media solution for your application.


Multimedia applications, Internet appliances, video-security systems, video-phone, consumer equipment, video servers, etc.

MPEG-4 Encoding

MPEG-4 Decoding

Encoder features:

1. Simple configuration
- Max frame resolution: CIF (in 16 x 16 increment)
- Frame rate: Fixed and Variable
- I and P VOP supported
- AC/DC prediction
- Half pixel motion compensation
- Unrestricted motion vectors; ± 16 pixels motion vector search
- I frame insertion: user-specified and automated
- Dynamic reconfiguration
- Full set of quality/speed tuning flags
- Regulation modes: CBR, VBR, ABR
- Adjustable video buffer size and occupancy (VBV mode used)
- Unlimited bitrate
- Quantization methods 1 & 2; custom quantization matrix

2. Standard configuration
The Standard version of our MPEG-4 encoder includes all the features of the Simple version plus the following tools:
- Max frame resolution: Full (in 16 x 16 increment)
- ± 128 pixels motion vector search
- Short header (H263 baseline compatibility)
- Error resilience tools (Slice resynchronization, data partitioning, reversible VLC)

3. Advanced configuration
-The Advanced version of our MPEG-4 encoder includes all the features of the Standard version plus the following tools:
- 4 motion vectors
- Automatic scene change detection
- 2-pass encoding
- Psychovisual quality enhancement
- Interlaced support
- Quarter pixel motion compensation
- Global motion estimation

Decoder features:

MPEG-4 decoder is compatible with all Ateme’s encoder configurations (Simple, Standard, Advanced).
Our decoder library takes Video Elementary Streams as input.
In addition, it can decode MPEG-4 Simple Object, Advanced Simple Object and also DivX 3.11™, DivX 4™, DivX 5™, XviD™, 3ivx™ encoded streams.


A set of noise-reduction filters is available for the encoder platform.
Post-processing filters can also be used after video stream decompression.

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