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ADPCM 聲音壓縮

IMA-ADPCM is the most suited codec when CPU resources are already used by video and when audio is more an additional than a primary feature.

It's a low cost solution for simple audio compression that requires low CPU load. IMA-ADPCM is independent of sound type (not a speech or psychoacoustic codec).

The codec is available for the Texas Instruments 'C64x DSP family (DM64x included) and for PC.
It is compatible with most media players and operating systems used with client systems.

  • Follows IMA-ADPCM standard
  • Compatible with DVI4 (Intel®), Microsoft®and Apple® versions
  • Supported by QuickTime™ and RealOne™Our algorithm supports mono, interleaved stereo or separated stereo sample formats.
Video security, Video Conferencing, streaming


ADPCM datasheet

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