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AAC 聲音壓縮
30% more powerful than MP3 (MPEG AUdio Layer III) in terms of quality/bit-rate ratio, MPEG-4-AAC is developed for high quality sound compression.
Processing power is optimized on the Texas Instruments 'C6000 DSP family.

Compatible with both MPEG-2 – AAC and MPEG-4 - AAC standards, ATEME AAC software library encodes or decodes in real-time on the 'C6200 DSP and uses less than 5% of CPU on a C6400.

Our algorithm supports compression from 8kbps to 288kbps per channel, sampling frequency from 8kHz to 48kHz and offer Low Complexity Profile along with enhanced tools such as PNS and TNS.


Digital television, music and video from Internet, multilingual video, ...



AAC datasheet

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