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首頁 DSP應用 影像處理 IP TV Tuner/Streamer
IP  TV Tuner/Streamer 參考設計平台


IP TV Tuner 參考設計平台包含PNX-1500/PNX-1700-參考硬體設計並包含支援RF, S-Video, 和混合類比影音輸入,支援安裝調節器、PAL、NTSC、或SECAM標準









IP TV Tuner 參考設計平台包含韌體libraries和範例應用,並提供架構客戶化 TV Tuner韌體的能力

(Nexperia NDK),pre-built 範例應用針對立即處理來作預備韌體支援TSSA-compliant libraries,包含Alarity optimized MPEG4 encoder、G.711 and/or AAC audio encoder、 RTP/RTSP/RTCP影音串流,包含針對裝置控制、監視、各種輔助模組


  • Complete reference design includes Nexperia PNX-1502 or PNX-170x media processor-based reference board and software.

  • 16 Mb Flash memory for firmware and misc. files

  • 64Mb DDR SDRAM

  • Philips FI1236 tuner module

  • RF (NTSC or PAL), composite/S-Video input

  • Multi-standard audio processor, allowing support for several broadcast audio standards, stereo encoding (A2, NICAM, BTSC Stereo, FM-Stereo radio).

  • Xilinx FPGA with customizable firmware allows adaptation to various video data formats, implementation of specific functions for automatic gain control and white balance modules, relieving the CPU from some computational load.

  • 10/100 Ethernet interface

  • Composite/S-Video output

  • Analog audio input and output

  • GPIO and RS-232/RS-484 interfaces

  • Optional PCI interface for expansion modules (e.g., Wi-Fi card).

  • Real-Time Clock with battery backup.

  • Includes high-performance Alarity MPEG4 SP, ASP encoder component library

  • Audio signal encoding using G.711, G.726, AAC

  • TSSA-compliant component structure, allowing easy integration with customer's own firmware

  • Up to 30 fps D1 MPEG4 encoding

  • TSSA-compliant JPEG component for still image capture.

  • ISMA-compliant streaming using RTP/RTSP/RTCP over TCP or UDP.

  • HTTP-server for administration and configuration of tuner/streamer parameters.

  • Channel search and labeling, video input selection (through HTTP control)

  • UPnP support

  • Software designed to DLNA 1.0 guidelines ensures cross-product interoperability

Technical Specs:

Reference design

  • Hardware: Reference board with NTSC Tuner daughterboard installed, cables

  • Software: MPEG4 encoder and streaming libraries, BSP and other required libraries, source codes for example applications

  • Documentation: User guides, schematics, Gerber files

Reference board

  • Media processor: Nexperia PNX-1502 or PNX-1702 CPU (300 or 500 MHz)

  • Memory: 64 Mbyte DDR SDRAM

  • Flash Memory: 16 Mbyte NOR Flash

  • PCI/XIO bus: 32-bit, 33MHz

  • TV inputs: NTSC RF tuner, multi-standard S-Video/composite input (Philips SAA7113 decoder)

  • Video pre-processing: Xilinx Spartan XC2S200 FPGA with customizable firmware (video format customization, color conversion, pre-filtering, statistics

  • Video out : Philips SAA7121 video encoder, S-Video or composite output

  • Audio codec: Philips UDA1380 Stereo audio encoder/decoder

  • Audio I/O: Line In, Line Out, RF (with multi-standard Micronas MSP4450 audio processor)

Supported media formats

  • Video encode: MPEG4 SP, ASP, ISMA-compliant streaming

  • Stillimage encode: JPEG, accessible through HTTP server, FTP server, or for sending over SMTP

  • Audio encode: G.711, G.726, AAC

  • Communications: TCP/IP, RS-232

Software and interoperability


 ISMA, RTP/RTSP/SDP (RFC 1889, RFC2326, RFC2327), MPEG4 SP, ASP, DLNA 1.0 guidelines, TSSA-compliant component structure.

Application areas:

  • Remote viewing of TV broadcasts when away from home/office (e.g. watching favorite TV show while traveling abroad).

  • Converting broadcasts or other conventional video sources into cable or wi-fi "network video broadcasts" through intra- or inter-networks

  • Remote video monitoring