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首頁 DSP應用 影像處理 IP Camera
IP Camera 參考設計平台


IP Camera 參考設計平台 提供一個完整、靈活的硬體和軟體平臺。參考設計支援Nexperia PNX1502 多媒體處理器,以提供優質的video和audio的編碼。


硬體的基本的方塊圖,提供libraries和應用範例准許容易的建立一個working video/audio streaming device 。同時, 因為提供的媒體處理器成分遵守被證明的NDK/TSSA Nexperia 程式標準,參考設計平台提工製造商客戶化解決能力、 集合各式各樣的影像處理函數到定製的韌體,如此解除網路並且/或者中央伺服器資源藉由"on-site" intelligence提供(像一些定製的圖像增強演算法、事件觸發等)。

  • Complete reference design includes Nexperia PNX1502 media processor-based reference board and software

  • Supports CMOS sensor modules of several leading manufacturers (Micron, Foveon, Omnivision)

  • Includes high-performance MPEG4 SP, ASP encoder component library

  • Audio signal encoding using G.711, AAC

  • TSSA-compliant component structure, allowing easy integration with customer's own firmware

  • ISMA-compliant streaming using RTP/RTSP/RTCP

  • HTTP-server for administration and configuration

  • UPnP support

  • 10/100 Ethernet interface

  • GPIO and RS-232/RS-484 interfaces

  • Optional PCI interface for expansion modules (e.g., Wi-Fi card)

  • Real-Time Clock with battery backup

  • " Software designed to DLNA 1.0 guidelines ensures cross-product interoperability

Technical Specs:

Reference design

  • Hardware: Reference board, cables

  • Software: MPEG4 encoder and streaming libraries, BSP and other required libraries, source codes for example applications.

  • Documentation: User guides, schematics, Gerber files

Reference board

  • Media processor: Nexperia PNX1502; TriMedia CPU

  • Memory: 64 Mbyte DDR SDRAM

  • Flash Memory: 16 Mbyte NOR Flash

  • PCI/XIO bus: 32-bit, 33MHz

  • Video sensors: CMOS Micron MT9T001, Foveon F34 Camera Module, Omnivision OV9650

  • Audio codec: Philips UDA1380 Stereo audio encoder/decoder

  • Audio I/O Line In

  • Connectivity: Connector for miniPCI extension board (e.g., for 802.11 card), Ethernet 10/100 RJ-45, RS-232/RS-485, GPIO connectors/buttons/indication LEDs.

Supported media formats

  • Video encode: MPEG4 SP, ASP(Up to 30 fps D1 encoding) , ISMA-compliant streaming

  • Audio encode: AAC, G.711

  • Communications: TCP/IP, RS-232

Software and interoperability


ISMA, RTP/RTSP/SDP (RFC 1889, RFC2326, RFC2327), MPEG4 SP, ASP, DLNA 1.0 guidelines, TSSA-compliant component structure.

Application areas:

  • Video Chat

  • Remote Video Monitoring

  • Surveillance Systems

  • Security Systems

  • Video Conferencing