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首頁 DSP應用 影像處理 H.263 Video Codec

H.263 Video Codec Library

Platform: Windows / Intel, Custom


   H.263 library is a highly optimized video encoding and decoding software targeted for Windows- based broadcasting environments.
  H.263 library meets multi-threading requirements such as reentrant and thread-safe capabilities. Library fully meets H.263 Profile 0 requirements and also supports bi-directionally predicted frames.
   Proprietary VBR and CBR rate control algorithms provide flexible speed / bitrate deviations trade-off. Library supports decoding from arbitrary sequence position.
   Intel optimized version widely uses Intel P4 SSE instruction set for best application performance. Reference version of H.263 library is ready to be ported and optimized for any custom hardware platform.

  • H.263 Profile 0
  • Bidirectional prediction support
  • Proprietary CBR and VBR algorithms
  • Reentrant and thread safe capabilities
  • Intel P4 deep optimization
  • Available as Intel P4 based library
  • Available to be ported on any custom platform
  • Support for arbitrary decoding positioning
Technical Specs:
  • 30 fps CIF encoding at 500 MHz on Intel P4 platform
  • 30 fps CIF decoding at 200 MHz on Intel P4 platform
Application Areas:
Multimedia, Interactive and Wireless Video Communications, Streaming, Imaging.