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TORNADO-E2 DSP Controllers


TORNADO-E2 series of DSP controllers for embedded application is a high-performance successor of popular TORNADO-E series providing highest available DSP performance using latest TI TMS320 DSP, enhanced high-speed parallel (PIOX2) and serial (ASIOX) I/O expansion daughter-card module (DCM) interfaces, multi-channel USB 2.0 host/device interface, FLASH memory card slot, system μ-controller (MC) with battery back-up clock and remote power supply control, and many more... The innovative feature of TORNADO-E2 controllers is that they allow to offload the on-board DSP from routine external host communication tasks using TORNADO-HCX  host communication controller DCM with Freescale PowerQUICC PPC-based communication processor for powerful hosting, data post-processing, networking, external communication and mass storage capabilities.

At the same time, and this is the most important point, the main user DSP application code designed for legacy TORNADO-E controllers will remain unchanged for TORNADO-E2 series, thus delivering smooth migration to the new higher-performance DSP platform.


  • latest TI TMS320 'C67xx and 'C64xx DSPs

  • high-density SBSRAM, SDRAM/DDR and FLASH memories

  • FLASH memory card slot

  • multi-channel 480 Mbit/s USB 2.0 host/device interface

  • dual-channel 384 kBaud PC-compatible UART  with RS232C interfaces

  • SPI and I2C ports

  • 8-bit general purpose I/O (GPIO)

  • watchdog timer (WDT)

  • 533 Mbyte/s PIOX2 32-bit parallel DCM site interface for high-speed AD/DA/coprocessor expansion (upward compatible with PIOX DCM I/F)

  • serial SIOX rev.B and enhanced multi-channel audio-SIOX (ASIOX) DCM interface sites for AD/DA expansion

  • 533 Mbyte/s 32-bit parallel host controller (HCX) DCM site interface

  • system μ-controller (MC) with on-board power supply control, board and external temperature monitoring, on-board and chassis fans control, remote power-supply control, battery back-up real-time clock/calendar (RTCC), programmable multi-event alarm, NvRAM and EEPROM areas, and more...

  • JTAG port for DSP debugging via MicroLAB Systems MIRAGE-Nxx or TI XDS JTAG emulators

  • industry-standard 3U form-factor

  • comprehensive software utilities and ready-to-run demo samples

  • upward compatible with TORNADO-E controllers

System integration capabilities:

  • stand-alone operation with host PC communication via USB or UART ports

  • carries one PIOX2  TORNADO Digital Radio Controller, or PIOX2 AD/DA/coprocessor DCM, or one legacy PIOX/PIOX-16 DCM (PIOX2-to-PIOX adapter board is required)

  • carries one SIOX rev.B or ASIOX AD/DA DCM

  • carries one TORNADO-HCX host communication controller via HCX DCM site interface for powerful hosting, data post-processing, networking, external communication and mass storage capabilities.