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首頁 DSP應用 OMAPWinCE .NET OS 5.0發展平台
WinCE .NET OS 5.0 發展平台
Accelerator Program 2.0 for WinCE 5.0

overview:  The Accelerator Program for OMAP5912(Ver 2.0)on WinCE from Mistral comes ready with
                        WinCE 5.0 drivers and Board Support Packages (BSPs). It gives engineers a quick start on
                        their OMAP5912 processor-based development. The easy-to-use WinCE 5.0 BSP supports
                        a wide range of modules and drivers.


Modules/Drivers Supported:
  • Display driver for built-in LCD Controller
  • Touch panel Driver
  • Keypad Driver
  • Audio Driver Support for TLV320AIC23 Codec
  • CF Memory Card
  • Flash Media Driver
  • Ethernet Driver
  • Serial port Driver
  • Miscellaneous Persistent Hive Based Registry on NOR
Programs Available: Accelerator Package: BSP, Device Drivers and Documentation for WinCE 5.0
                                          Consultancy : Professional services consultancy is available for support,
                                                               custom device drivers, BSP development, porting and board