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XDS560支援高速即時傳輸達2MB/秒的RTDX,是以PCI介面為基礎下一代的模擬器,協助系統開發者提供了即時除錯能力。XDS560最快下載可達500k byte/秒,可讓開機和大型程式處理上更為迅速。XDS560更具有非入侵式觸發能力,也包含了連續標準檢測和程式中斷設定。

  • Real-time visibility speeds time to market
    High-speed RTDX with real time data transfer rates of more than 2 MBytes per second
  • Increase productivity through faster start up for larger applications
    Code download speeds of up to more than half a MByte per second
  • Quickly find and fix intermittent real-time problems
    Real-time, non-intrusive breakpoint and actionpoint capabilities via Advanced Event Triggering
  • Preserve existing emulation investment
    Upward compatible with existing XDS510 emulators