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首頁 DSP應用 通訊聲音IEEE1394a plug and play
ultra-compact UC1394a-3

ultra-compact UC1394a-3 low cost single device
2-Port IEEE1394 (FireWire®
) solution with IEEE1394a

software stack

Also useful as ultra small general purpose DSP / FPGA

processing platform

Device definition ultra-compact UC1394a-3
ready-to-use, low cost 400 MBit/s 2-Port IEEE1394a (FireWire®) MCM with IEEE1394a software stack

Various Board Support Package (BSP) options allow a wide range of application solutions off the shelf
CPU TMS320VC5501 or TMS320VC5502 running at 300 MHz
FPGA Xilinx Spartan 3 with 50 or 200 kGates
Available RAM (type/size) SDRAM 4 Mbytes,
Boot Flash 512 kbytes
Ultra-compact Downward
Pin Compatible
400 MBit/s IEEE1394a (FireWire®) serial bus, Port 0

8 or 16 Bit wide parallel Data Streaming Interface with 5 additional control lines, usable for isochronous raw data streaming without software protocol overhead
up to 32 MByte/s, (alternatively usable as 21 user configurable FPGA I/O lines)

Multi-channel Buffered Serial Port 0 (McBSP)
Synchronous Serial Interface

UART (without line drivers) for communication with PC and for other application purposes, up to 115200 baud

Configuration line

Specific Additional UC1394a-3 Interfaces 400 MBit/s IEEE1394a (FireWire®) serial bus, Port 1

Multi-channel Buffered Serial Port 1 (McBSP)
Synchronous Serial Interface

8 Bit Parallel Hostport for direct bus interfacing to external Host processor, usable for fully bidirectional data transfer up to 1 MByte/s in asynchronous IEEE1394 mode

Direct DSP-connected XF I/O line

JTAG interface for onboard FPGA VHDL development

JTAG interface for onboard DSP software development

I2C Bus

2 Timer I/O signals

Dimensions 30 mm x 36 mm x 7 mm / 1.18 in x 1.41 in x 0.28 in
Package 116 Pin SMT Package
CPU and Module Features 32 Kbytes (TMS320VC5501) or
64 Kbytes (TMS320VC5502) on-processor fast SRAM

3 Timers

6 DMA channels

General purpose digital I/O line XF0

Onboard watchdog

Single 3.3V power supply

Standalone booting from Flash

Onboard power management system

Growing number of Board Support Packages (BSP) and EVM-Kits enable various specific software and FPGA solutions

Various, universal interfaces for many custom specific applications

All important pins of the DSP and FPGA are wired to external module connectors (BSP depending)