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首頁 DSP應用 通訊聲音Carrier system
Power Supply / 4
  • universal piggy-back carrier platform
    for all micro-line® DSP and
    peripheral boards

  • integrated power supply with
    switched voltage regulator for +3,3V
    or +5V with up to 2,5A

  • additional DC/DC converters with up
    to four isolated ±15V voltages for
    analog components or IEEE 1394
    cable environment

  • micro-line® system bus, pin-compatible
    with the entire micro-line® family

  • piggy-back plug-on system, no
    backplane required

  • SUD-D 9-pole RS232 interface: PC compatible,
    with null-modem cable for a direct connection to a development PC

  • EMI protection components

  • reset button

  • power-ON indicator LED

  • polarity protection

  • board dimensions 160 x 100 mm
    (6,23 x 3,93 in)

Specification Summary

Input Voltage

- 9-18V DC with DC/DC converters
- 7-30V DC without DC/DC converters

Output Voltages

- +3,3V or +5V with up to 2,5A for digital components
- optional ±15V / 100mA for analog components (200mA optional)
- optional ±15V / 100mA for IEEE 1394 cable environment

  (200mA optional)
- optional 2* ±15V / 100mA for Analog/Analog or Analog/IEEE 1394
  (200mA optional)

Additional Features

- reset button
- power-ON LED
- RS232 SUB-D 9 connector
- EMI protection components

System Interface

micro-line® bus

Board Dimensions

160 mm x 100 mm (6,23 x 3,93 in)