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首頁 DSP應用 通訊聲音A/D-D/A Boards

  • high-speed 4 - channel data acquisition system
  • all analog front-end parameters like amplification, offset and anti alias filter frequency are software programmable and on-board storable
  • no potentiometers or switches used
  • various phase optimized sampling modes possible
  • extension from 8, 12, 16... to 28 channel synchronous sampling possible when using several AD4-612 boards
  • external hardware triggering possible
Board definition micro-line® AD4-612
Analog inputs 4 -channel analog inputs in a signal range of +10 mV and +10 V with offset voltages of up to ± 10 V
Input resistance 20 kOhm
Anti-Alias-Filter SCF Butterworth low-pass filter of 8th order, 48 dB attenuation/octave

corner-frequency software adjustable between < 1Hz and 50 kHz with 16-bit resolution

corner-frequency additionally hardware adjustable up to 200 kHz by soldering bridges

SCF filter can be bypassed
Triggering MBSC Multiple Burstmode Sampling Controller

continuous sampling mode

triggered single shot mode

auto triggered repeat burst mode
System Interface micro-line® bus
ADC AD7892, successive approximation 12-bit, 600 ksps
FIFO buffering 512 samples FIFO, processor interrupt-triggering when first FIFO entry or when the FIFO is half full
Dimensions 120 mm x 67 mm
Features external POS (Phase Optimized Sampling) multiplexed burst sampling with maximum channel phase shift e.g. of only 1.7 % at 4 -channel 10 kHz sampling operation

full parallel synchronous operation of several AD4-612 in one system

E2PROM for resident storage of software programmed front-end settings and adjustments

expansion possibilities via serial I2C-Bus

software support for TI DSPs
Applications general-purpose multi-channel analog measurement

low-phase-error multi-channel analog measurement

external hardware-triggered multi-channel analog measurement