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       This product is an add-on daughter card for TI C6000 DSK and TI or Thirdparty EVM Board. It houses four analog input channels and two analog output channels, performing analog-to-digital conversion at 6MSPS and digital-to-analog conversion at 165MSPS.

  • Product Contents    
    1. AD / DA Daughter Card
    2. Code Builder CD
    3. BNC-RCA JACK (6)
    4. BNC-Cables (2)
    5. RCA-Stereo Jack (2)

  • High-Speed 6MSPS ADCx1
    12-bit, 4 Single Ended Analog Inputs
    Analog Input Range: -1 ~ +1V

  • High Speed 165MSPS DACx2
    12-bit, 2 Single Ended Analog Output
    Analog Output Range: -1 ~ +1V