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FlexTool(GA): Genetic Algorithm Tool: The Optimizer
  • 遺傳發展演算法已經是從數學科學到醫學的最佳化工具。

  • FlexTool ( GA ) 是為把遺傳發展演算法應用於多樣化領域的一個環境的套裝軟體。

  • FlexTool (  GA ) 是在 MATLAB 的環境下操作的軟體。

  • FlexTool ( GA ) 可以存成 m-files 的型式。FlexTool ( GA ) M2.2 以模件化, 較有彈性,更容易使用, 開放的環境, 和可靠性為設計重點。FlexTool ( GA )是以綜合 MATLAB模組的設計。


BUILDING BLOCKS Upgrade to EFM or ENM or CI within one year
Niching module to identify multiple solutions
Clustering module Use separately or with Niching module
Optimization Single and Multiple Objectives
Flex-GA Very fast proprietary learning algorithm
Features Modular, System Transparent
GUI Easy to use, User friendly, Enter Rules via GUI
Help Online
Tutorial Hands-on tutorial, application guidelines
Parameter Settings Default parameter settings for the novice
General Statistics, figures, and data collection
Compatibility With FlexTool product suite, Matlab based.



GA Types



Unique features

Generational Binary Tournament Niching
Steady State Real Roulette Wheel Clustering
Micro Logarithmic Ranking Crossover Multiple-Objectives
Flex-GA 1, 2, multiple point crossover