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FlexTool(FS): Fuzzy Systems Tool: The Modeler
  • 模糊控制系統由於他們的的特殊準位定義方式,和不完全對和不完全錯的判斷,是全世界所認同的。這可以應用在低成本/低複雜度的產品 (如洗衣機控制),或是高成本/高複雜度的產品 ( 如飛機控制)等高效能的電子制系統。

  • FlexTool ( FS ) 是為把模糊控制系統應用於多樣化領域的一個環境的套裝軟體。

  • FlexTool ( FS ) 是在 MATLAB 的環境下操作的軟體。

  • FlexTool ( FS ) 可以存成 m-files 的型式。FlexTool (  FS ) M2.2 以模件化, 較有彈性,更容易使用, 開放的環境, 和可靠性為設計重點。FlexTool ( FS )是以綜合 MATLAB模組的設計。


BUILDING BLOCKS Upgrade to EFM or CI within one year
Linguistic Mapper For linguistic expainations
FlexTune Graphical interaction for defining FMF curves
User Selectable Nos. Rules, Inputs, Outputs, Linguistic Terms, Option selections
Features Modular, System Transparent
GUI Easy to use, User friendly, Enter Rules via GUI
Help Online
Tutorial Hands-on tutorial, application guidelines
Parameter Settings Default parameter settings for the novice
General Statistics, figures, and data collection
Compatibility With FlexTool product suite, Matlab based



Fuzzy System Types

FMF Options

Implication Options

Aggregation Options


Controller Triangular Mamdani (min.) Duboi Prade (Union, Intersection) COA
Controller (TSK) Trapezoidal Lukasiewicz Lukasiewicz (Union, Intersection) MOM
Decision Maker Gaussian Zadeh Dombi (Union, Intersection) MOH
Evaluator Bell Kleen-D-L Sugeno BADD
Predictor Exponential Kleen-D Hamacher (Union, Intersection) SLIDE
Expert System Multimodal Sigmoidal Willmott Simple Min. M-SLIDE
  Gaussian Larsen (prod.) Simple Max. RAGE
    Godel-Brouwer Hard Min. Fuzzy Output
    Menger-Goguen Hard Max.  
    Reichenbach Sklar (Union, Intersection)  
      Generalized Means  
      Yager (Union, Intersection)  
      Product (Intersection)  
      Probability Sum (Union)