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The DetailExplorer is a program for the digital evaluation of video sequences, with which the video details can be reproduced with high resolution and quality.

It is often the case that videos contain interesting image details rendered unrecognisable by their smallness and lack of sharpness. The DetailExplorer offers the possibility of showing these details clearly.


The special performance capability of the DetailExplorer is based on the specific combination and evaluation of the information that results form the different representations, size and position of the object in question coming from several images of the video sequences. DetailExplorer is thus able to achieve good results even when the usual methods of video evaluation for the improvement of single frames meet their limit.

Fields of Application

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The DetailExplorer can always be applied when selected image sequences of a video are to be more accurately analysed. A typical application field of application for the DetailExplorer is the evaluation of surveillance recordings of low resolution and quality, especially at the:

Identification of car licence plates or models
Identification of persons
Identification of strokes, trademarks, etc.
The software is configured to operate under Windows and can be used independently of other program. All common image formats can be processed.
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