The Company Profile

Year of Foundation:

1986, 7 employees at present


Holger Gurski-Schramm, Dipl.-Eng. Electrical Engineering
Eberhard Goldschmidt, Dipl.-Eng. Electrical Engineering
Prof. Dr.-Eng. Dr. h.c. Frank, Head of the Department Measurement and Control Engineering at the University - GH- Duisburg
ELWE Training Systems GmbH, Cremlingen

Working Scopes:

Support of our customers for the introduction of modern microelectronics in the field of automation:
  1. Development, manufacturing and distribution of hard- and software
    for electronic measuring, testing, control and supervisory instruments on the newest scientific and technical level.
  2. Scientific and technical advice as well as technical services
    in all fields of automation systems.

amira Projects - A Selection

Field 1:

Development, Manufacturing, Distribution of Hard- and Software for Measuring, Testing, Control and Supervisory Instruments

Figure 1: Laboratory experiment inverted pendulum
Figure 2: Laboratory experiment three-tank-system

Figure 3: Laboratory experiment ball and beam

Field 2:

Scientific and Technical Advice

Quality AssuranceImage Processing
Iron and Steel IndustryPlant Analyzation with Suggestions of Innovation
ASIC DevelopmentASICs for High-precision Speed Acquisition

amira GmbH Duisburg - Your Fuzzy Partner

amira GmbH Duisburg is known for many years as a partner of industry and highschools on the field of measurement and control. amira offers for the technical use of Fuzzy logic on the field of automation

Feasability Studies
Support for Training.

amira co-operates close with the institute of measurement and control of the University of Duisburg and has at any time the actual results of research from the highschool area at its disposal.

The development of the software packages FCTool and FuzzyLib is very helpful. So, amira is now in the position to realize special Fuzzy projects faster and on a low price level.

Our Fuzzy Projects - A Selection